Smart Parking Enforcement Solutions with Top-notch Technology

By integrating the latest industry state-of-the-art technology with our proven strategies for efficiently managing parking programs, Peachtree Parking Solutions guarantees you will gain powerful results for your organization.

Towing Services

Vehicle Towing

Parking violators will be removed only upon receipt of a call from an authorized agent from the property. Any combination of systems can be put into place to best service your property.

Parking Car boot

Vehicle Booting

We use non-aggressive vehicle immobilization methods for preventing damage to vehicles. We immobilize multiple violators at any given location. To get a boot removed, the owner must first pay the parking tickets which includes a boot fee. Payments are easy online.

Parking lot sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping

Peachtree Parking Solutions sweeping service includes emptying and relining trash receptacles, blowing walks, corners and behind bumpers. We can also accommodate requests for hauling services of unwanted items.

Parking lot surveillance camera

Parking Lot Surveillance

With the constant influx of vehicles coming in and out of parking lots, keeping tabs on each vehicle is imperative to nurturing a safe environment for everyone, especially in poorly lit parking lots that are susceptible to criminal activity.

Parking lot painting striping

Parking Lot Striping

Our services are available for both new and existing properties. If you’re building a new facility, adding a location, or developing a retail or residential area, call Peachtree Parking Solutions for assistance.

Parking mobile payments

Parking Lot Payments

When you use our free parking meters, there’s no need to incur significant costs upgrading your machines to accept payments. We manage the entire system ensuring you get the most current technology available.

Atlanta parking meters

Parking Lot Meters

Free site analysis, parking meters, and signage up to code for city parking. From smart parking integration to violation processing to meter operations, we can help you reduce costs and street congestion.

Parking 24/7 call center

Parking 24/7 Support

Our agents are on call to answer any questions or concerns regarding your new or exciting account. Peachtree Parking Solutions standard of customer care is back by a 100% satisfaction guarantee service.

Parking Management Software

My PPS Portal

Our ‘My PPS Portal’ customizable client web interface and reporting system allows the client to interact with their assigned parking lot managers. Relaying real-time information regarding assets and or individual property seamlessly.

Benefits of Vehicle Immobilization with PPS

Peachtree Parking Solutions offers a free site analysis. We provide a quicker response and less liability vs towing. We're licensed, bonded, and insured.

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