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If you are a motorist with a booted vehicle and need immediate support, please contact us directly at 1.866.608.5317


Option 1: Pay Citation
Option 2: Appeal a Citation

Contact tow company listed on parking sign at entrance of parking lot. (Keep the valid registration and be ready to provide info).

If you find your car has been booted, immediately call us at the number indicated on the notice left on your vehicle, or at the number provided on the parking signage to pay the fine for your parking violation and have the boot removed. For more information click here.

We accept cash, card and/or money order.

Send an e-mail to with Reference “Dispute”, and please include your name, phone number, date booted, type of vehicle and summary of what/why you are disputing.

We’re here to serve you! For sales please contact Jennifer Greene at (404) 317-8595

1 886 608 5317