Are You Currently Booted or Towed?

Booted vehicles in Metro Atlanta may be towed 24 hours after being booted. If your vehicle is booted, you will be responsible for the payment of all outstanding parking tickets and a boot removal fee.

Avoid Additional Fees

The best way to get your car back in motion is by immediately paying the due fees. Prolonging the process may result in your vehicle being towed, and more fees added to your account. If you believe that your vehicle was booted or towed in error, then you can dispute the charges later.

Parking Lesson #1: Before Parking

Before you park your vehicle anywhere, look for signs indicating whether parking is allowed, whether you must pay to park there (and how much), how long you’re allowed to leave your vehicle after you pay, and the potential consequences for improperly parking your vehicle, including car booting or towing.

Parking Lesson #2: A Safety Tip

Don’t park in parking lots or spaces assigned to a particular business if you are actually going to visit another business. A booting company may be watching to see which business you enter, and even if you do enter the right business at some point, if you leave and go to another business, your vehicle may still get booted.

Parking Lesson #3: Got Booted!

If you find your car has been booted, immediately call the booting company at the number indicated on the notice left on your vehicle, or at the number provided on the parking signage. Get information on why the booting company believes you were parked improperly. Pay to remove the car boot, make sure you get a receipt, the name of the person who removed the boot, and the name of the booting company. All of this information will be important if you choose to dispute the car boot later.

Parking Lesson #4: Boot No No's

Removing or even attempting to remove a boot in Georgia is considered a crime. The legal certified agency that puts on the boot on a car for parking violation reserves the right to file a police report for vandalism or destruction of property, and in some cases for Theft if the violator removed the boot and then hid it. After an investigation, we can always prove a parking violator removed the boot, resulting in an arrest and charges filed.


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