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Since our inception, we have aimed to be the benchmark in the parking enforcement arena.

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Who Are We

Founded in 2002, Peachtree Parking Solutions is a trailblazer in the parking industry. We are best known for our professionalism, outstanding customer service, and prompt customer response. Peachtree Parking Solutions currently enforces thousands of parking spaces throughout Metro Atlanta and Southeastern United States.

Our Parking Enforcement Agents are trained and proficient in auditing, ticketing, vehicle Immobilization, city parking ordinances, and most importantly professional passive dispute resolutions. Our technicians are fully trained, licensed, and uniformed. Our vehicle immobilization team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our techs can be on site with video recording capabilities to record violations which will eliminate liability and resolve disputes.

Contracting Peachtree Parking Solutions allows you to focus on the growth and development of your business. We ensure the proper daily operations of your property’s parking lot system.

Our Purpose

At Peachtree Parking Solutions our main objective is to enforce, enhance, and provide sound solutions for our clients while maintaining parking management operations. We display an unmatched level of ethical conduct.

In Peachtree Parking Solutions we do more than a job, it’s our passion. We empower each other. We inspire our clients. We encourage our community. 


State of the art technology: mobile payment processing, agents equipped with body cameras, customizable client web interface and reporting.


Free site analysis, parking meters, and signage up to code for city parking ordinance. Parking lot maintenance, cleaning, new striping, and sweeping.


24/7 call center dispatch and rolling security surveillance. Lot attendants available upon request.

100% reliability

Non aggressive vehicle immobilization. Vehicle towing provided if required.

Entities We Service

Peachtree Parking Solutions serves HOA - Home Owner Associations, Municipalities - Federal & State Government, Residential Communities, and Retail & Private Businesses.

Peachtree parking residential services

Residential Parking

Peachtree Parking Solution offers HOA Parking & Recovery Solutions. We eliminate unauthorized parking from your private lots ensuring ample parking space for your paying customers thus increasing your revenue. We secure delinquent home owners association dues by immobilizing the owner’s vehicle until the outstanding dues are paid.

Municipalities parking solutions and services

Municipalities Parking

Peachtree Parking Solutions agents are licensed and uniformed and are thoroughly trained and proficient in auditing, ticketing, vehicle immobilization, city parking ordinances, and most importantly professional passive dispute resolutions.

Business parking enforcement solutions in atlanta

Business Parking

Peachtree Parking Solutions strategically audits your “pay” parking lots and immobilizes vehicles that are in violation of parking regulations cost free to you resulting in a dramatic increase in revenue and reduced expenses by your organization.

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We’re a Minority Owned Business.

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We’re members of the National Parking Association.

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Our towing system is powered by Omadi Mobile Management.

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